Incessant rain saw the water rise to alarming levels. The officials had no choice but to open the floodgates of the dam.
River Kosi, like a caged lioness, crashed out, breathing devastation. A deluge of muddy water cascaded down the sluice gates in a waterfall of destruction.
Then furious Kosi changed her course; devouring villages, sparing not a man or beast, in her urgency to reach the sea.
Durga found herself trapped in an abandoned mud hut. Her husband Ramu, had gone to get help. They had escaped the wrath of the river and reached higher grounds. Now, there was nowhere to go.
She stared at the water swirling around her ankles, as she held her six month old to her bosom.
Ramu clutched the side of the rescue boat, as it cut through the water in the direction he had come from. The journey was slow as they manoeuvered around debris, animal carcasses and probably human too.
At last he sighted the mud hut. It was partially submerged in the murky water and the roof had caved in. His heart sank. He called out her name again and again, voice muffled by the heavy downpour. Hopelessness sank in.
Then, he heard her anguished cry.