Light danced on their faces, to a tune of its own. They stared, open mouthed, in awe. The ground vibrated with the loud music, like a minor earthquake weaving its way underfoot. Darkness cringed in dismay as it got eaten by the blinding bright lights.
She reached out and took his hand. He didn’t seem to notice, or maybe he did, but hid it well. She smiled knowingly, entwining her fingers with his.
She was glad they had come for the concert. The band was exceptional, though a little too loud for her taste.
Just the other day she was wondering what had gone wrong. He didn’t touch her anymore. They didn’t even kiss goodbye in the mornings when he left for work. Sometimes she would wake up in the middle of the night and he wouldn’t be in bed. She’d see him standing on the balcony looking at the sky. He’d be up before her and gone before she came down for breakfast. Loneliness had become her constant companion.
Once the girl next door had brought him an apple pie. She’d seen him smiling and thanking her profusely. A pang of jealousy had sliced her heart.
The next day she had found two tickets to the concert on their bedside table.
So here they were together after so long. She looked down at her hand holding his. It was empty. He was leaning towards a person seated on his other side. To her horror she noticed it was the girl from next door.
What was SHE doing here?
He was showing her their wedding photo in his wallet.
“She was beautiful,” she heard the girl say.
His thumb caressed her face in the photo.
“Yes she was,” he said sadly.